Nature and technology-based carbon projects at scale.

WeBuild. WePartner. WeTrade.

Our project delivery and due diligence framework provides three distinct levels of access to our projects and carbon markets.


WeAct-owned & operated flagship projects with people and community at the centre.

Best Practice Design

Designing bespoke projects that deliver carbon and co-benefit outcomes.

Transformative Impact

Delivering real sustainable development benefits to people, communities and the environment.

Environmental Integrity

Producing carbon reductions that are real, conservative and independently verified.

Madagascar Clean Cookstove Project

In honour of cookstoves being delivered to their village, Malagasy children perform a traditional dance for our team.

We Partner

Collaborating for quality outcomes

We partner with global land and asset owners to provide technical and operational carbon project services. Our partnerships produce verified carbon outcomes and sustainable development benefits.

South African Grasslands Project

We work with landowners and technical experts to ensure our portfolio of projects are delivering real abatement, and generating high-quality credits for global carbon markets.

We Trade

Carbon credit trading & finance

We trade carbon credits in global markets and reinvest proceeds into urgent climate solutions and technologies. Secure carbon procurement made easy.

CTA Background

Act now with our help.

If we are to reach net zero by 2050, we need to act now, act right and act together. Trade with a trusted partner today.