Seamless entry into carbon markets and investment opportunities for global organisations committed to Net Zero goals.

Trade with a trusted partner

We provide investment opportunities across a diverse portfolio of high-integrity projects and support carbon procurement strategies, including hedging and forward market risk mitigation.

Project Origination

Design and deliver high-integrity community-based carbon projects around the world.

Spot Trading

Access 'spot' traded carbon units, including voluntary and compliance units, at competitive prices.

Forward Contracts

Secure a supply of high-quality voluntary and compliance units for future delivery.

Markets where we buy and sell

We supply a range of globally recognised and accredited carbon credits, including high-quality international emissions reductions accepted under the Australian Government's Climate Active carbon neutral certification program.

Global Voluntary Carbon Markets

Global Compliance Markets

South African Carbon Tax

South African Carbon Offset (SACO) units into the Carbon Tax, currently providing 25% of carbon credit supply to covered entities.

Australian Safeguard Mechanism

Australian Carbon Credit Units (ACCUs) from Safeguard Mechanism-compliant ERF projects to covered entities in the Australian carbon market.

Colombian Carbon Tax

Eligible carbon credits to companies covered under the Colombian Carbon Tax, including those created from our own Colombian VCS projects.

South Korean Emissions Trading Scheme (ETS)

Eligible carbon credits to companies covered under the South Korean ETS.

Singapore Carbon Tax

WeAct is a supplier of eligible carbon credits to companies covered under the Singapore Carbon Tax.

Established & Emerging Markets

WeAct engages in existing national and subnational carbon markets, as well as emerging markets, including bilateral trading markets emerging under Article 6.2 of the Paris Agreement (e.g. Australia’s emerging Indo-Pacific Carbon Offsets Scheme (IPCOS)).

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Commercial engagement structures

Detailed Carbon Market Documentation

We provide best-practice KYC documentation, commercial agreements and related documentation.

International Trade Finance Facilities

Our sophisticated transaction facilities enable timely, responsive and secure financial transactions across all currencies and delivery terms.

Registry & Client Custodial Accounts

We hold registry and client custodial accounts for all relevant carbon credit registries, enabling us to transfer credits directly to your accounts. If you wish to outsource carbon procurement functions, we hold and retire units on your behalf.

Global Carbon Trading Networks

WeAct operates a dedicated carbon trading desk and has a strong and global network of trusted trading partners, enabling us to provide a liquid supply of quality credits when our clients need them.

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Australian Financial Services Licence

WeAct is an Australian registered company (No: 425488), and complies with the requirements set out in the Australian Government's Corporations Act 2001. We are also an Australian Financial Services Regulated Entity.

Ethics Charter

Learn more about out commercial and trading risk-management policies, including anti-bribery & corruption, modern slavery, conflicts of interest, insider trading, privacy & confidentiality.

Act now with our help.

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