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Good carbon projects respect and prioritise the rights of local and First Nations communities in which they operate. We strive for best practice in how we engage, seek consent and share benefits.

Community Engagement

Building a good project takes time, and early, meaningful engagement is our foundation for co-creating a strong and enduring carbon project. We work to understand the needs and best interests of communities, and communicate honestly and transparently with our stakeholders.

Free, Prior & Informed Consent

Local and First Nations peoples have the right to say yes or no to developing a project on their land or in their communities. We seek free, prior and informed consent before the project begins, and work to retain this consent and support for the life of the project.

Carbon+ Benefits Sharing

We believe that the majority of project benefits should go to the landowners and communities hosting our projects. Our Carbon+ model ensures that both financial and non-financial benefits are provided within a transparent and accountable governance model, and delivered equitably to all.


Environmental Integrity

Carbon credit-level integrity requires the conservative, transparent and accountable management of six critical ‘environmental integrity’ risks, including:

  • Additionality;
  • Over-Crediting;
  • Leakage;
  • Non-Permanence;
  • Policy Landscape; and
  • Perverse Incentives.

We quantify these risks during project design and feasibility phases, and during implementation seek to fully mitigate them where possible, or otherwise monitor and manage for the life of the project.

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Measurement, Reporting & Verification

We take a conservative approach to ensure that credits from our projects represent real emissions reductions that contribute to a climate-positive future. Our projects are registered under globally recognised carbon crediting standards that:

  • require rigorous carbon measurement, reporting and verification;
  • quantify and certify non-carbon project benefits; and
  • continuously improve project methods and crediting processes.

We actively grapple with real-time market criticisms and issues as they may apply to our project methods and activities, to make sure we are continuously working towards best practice carbon credit integrity, and remain providers of high quality climate solutions into the future.

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We're pulling back the curtain to show you how our projects work, and what we're doing on the ground.

A new standard of carbon market transparency.

The world is demanding a higher standard of integrity from global carbon markets and we believe that all market participants have a shared responsibility to be more transparent and accountable .

As a carbon project developer we acknowledge our responsibility in driving change, and so we're taking a market-leading step to provide radical transparency on the design, integrity and impact of all projects within our project portfolio.

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